Grape Stomp Competition ~ August 26th

Please write the name of the team and the names of the three team members

12th Annual Grape Stomp Competition

Get your team of three together and come out and stomp some grapes for The Hult Center of Peoria!

$60 per team of 3

Each team member will get half off gate fee for participating.

The winners will receive a $100 gift card to the Kickapoo Creek Winery Tasting Room

Application and Waiver
I, the undersigned, attest and verify that I am physically fit and have full knowledge of the risks involved. I have read the
entry information and rules and certify by purchasing these tickets my compliance. I hereby
release Kickapoo Creek Winery, the town of Edwards and any and all individuals or companies associated with the event from responsibility for any injuries or damages I may suffer as a result
of my participation in the Kickapoo Creek Winery Grape Stomp Competition

Grape Stomp Competition Rules

Teams of three will work together to stomp as many grapes as possible, and collect as much juice as

possible in 5 minutes. You may use whatever strategy you want to complete the task at hand, but here

are some rules:

All stomping must be done with bare feet



Stomping will commence after the official says go and all teams must stop stomping and

collecting when the bell rings for time up. Any team who starts early or delays stopping will

receive a penalty.

You may hold on to nothing but your team mates while stomping

Only juice will be measured, any grapes and pulp will be strained out by the judges

In the event of a tie, the officials will set a tie breaking protocol

All applicants must sign Waiver and Application Form